-Birth- Valentine’s Themed Sales

    ●○○●○○     S A L E S @ Mainstore   ●○○●○○●

Happy Weekend 60L$ Sale (starts Saturday 11th)

‘Heart Flurries’ Particle Effects

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique and special way with a stunning Heart-Themed Particle Emitter. This magical effect will shoot out particles in the shape of hearts from your chest, creating a mesmerizing display of love and affection. Get yours today and enchant those around you with this mystical heart-themed particle emitter.

Preview –


●○○●○○     S A L E S @ Mainstore   ●○○●○○●

                       Happy Weekend 60L$ Sale (starts Saturday 11th)

For VALENTINE’S day this year!

“Lover’s Lock”

The Ornate Partner Linking Accessory, a magical piece of jewelry designed to connect two lovers –

Once you have found your soulmate, simply fasten the accessory to your hearts. T

he enchanting jewel at your heart will emit a beautiful and loving aura of particles, creating fluffy clouds and hearts you two together.

The sight of these love-themed clouds connecting you and your beloved is a symbol of your eternal bond, unbreakable and full of affection.

Preview –

To link a partner, simply click item and choose “Select Partner” in the dialog

pop-up. Similarly to stop, choose “Stop”.

Tp on down to Birth!



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