-Birth- ‘Custom Thought’ Bubble 60L$, Dummy Thicc Sales

                ○●○○●○○     S A L E S @ Mainstore   ●○○●○○●

HW Access 60L$ Sale

‘Custom Thought Bubble’

This little cloud can broadcast all your most witty, profound, kinky, whimsical, moody

musings to the world. And wildly customisable with it, animated particles, gifs and more – 

Features –

Preview –

– Store and easily changed up to 75 phrases.

– Dynamically choses best size to display text as.

– 15 fun gifs, change speed.

– 15 equally fun pictures.

– 8 styles of font.

– Tint text, bubbles and puff particles.

– Randomly

– Fun quirky sounds

– Customiseable settings – Turn on/ off – Random Pictures, Random Colours

Particles, Random Phrases

– Have permanently on or customise length of time bubble is on/ off.

 – Item is modifiable so you an easily resize your thougth bubble, or

move your bubbles around

– Minimise huds by clicking Birth’s logo

Changing Phrases –

– Either click the bubble or the ‘Phrase Menu’ button on the settings page of the hud.

The above will bring up a blue menu.

– Display Phrases – shows you all your current phrases.

– Delete All – Deletes all saved phrases (you may want to save them in a notecard)

– Normal – Will display phrases typed on channel 65 (doesn’t store in to phrases list.

– Add – Adds new phrases to your stored list.

– Delete – Delete one or more specific phrases.

[The above all has chat that goes only to the owner to explain how to do each action].

Tp on down to Birth!


Dummy Thicc Fatpacks – 1/3 Off!

But a bundle of booty, boob and more jiggle sets as a fatpack and get 1/3 off the usual price.

Sets 1 – 4 or Set 5 – 8

Both sets of Dummy Thicc’s work with Birth ‘Online’ –

Birth ‘Online’ –

Full details on all it’s awesome functions here –


“That must be jelly cause’ jam don’t shake like that!”

Tp on down to Birth!


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