-Birth- Mancave, SummerCamp, Sales – Bouncy Bounce&SPose

@ Mancave Starts (Starts 17th)


‘Freddie’ Lelutka BOM layers Only.


– BOM Versions Only

– Shape included (head in advert is Lelutka’s ‘Skylar’ DATED VERSION) [full version is mod, demo is not]

– Black, Brown and Browless Eyebrows

– 8 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).

– – – – – – – –

@ Summer Camp (Starts 17th)


Pure cuteness in this set of fun themed Kawaii effects –

Preview –

[See the rest of the Gimmer eye catalogue here –

                    ○●○○●○○     S A L E S   ●○○●○○●


‘Bouncy Bounce!’ Boob & Bum Animation –

Previews –

3 animations in 3 speeds.

Bouncing, jumping, wiggling.

This animation has two great new features that combine these three animations in

to a sequence

Click ‘Sequence’ or ‘Time Interval’ to start to repeating sequence of Bounce,

Hug, Smear animations.

‘Time Interval’ controls the speed at which animations change.

Click ‘Random’, ‘Average Time’ or ‘Time Variance to initiate a random sequence.

Animations are chosen at random, with a randomised time interval.

Tp on down to Birth!


– – – – – – –

MAINSTORE SALE 20% OFF – Strength poses

What’s the point in all those dumbell curls and chest flys if you can’t

show off all your hard work? Superman beast-mode poses for the discerning

brick shit-house.

Previews –


Featuring –

5 styles of animation –

Bicep flex both, left and right.

Low flex, mid flex.

Random – will play random aninmations

Customizable Random Timer – control how often you flex.

Timer Average – control average time.

Timer Variation – control degree of random time change.


Loop Timer – controls how long the pose plays for.

Tp on down to Birth!


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