-Birth- ‘Slit’ Pupils 60L$, ‘Glimmer Eyes’ 25% Off


‘Slits’ Pupil Textures

Much requested for fantasy avatars – slit eyes to look animal that just like any pupils
on Glimmer eyes, will randomly dilate or are adjustable in size.
(Pair with Iris textures without pupils).

4 textures, in sharp and blurred versions.
Can customize their size and even have them animating with the pupil-dilation
features within the main Glimmer Eyes Hud.

Tp on down to Birth!

MAINSTORE SALE 20% OFF – Glimmer Eyes

If you don’t own Glimmer Eyes already now is the perfect time, get yourself some fantastical slit pupils and the main eyes at 20% off it’s usual price.

Revolutionary eye system.

Not only do these eyes GLIMMER, catch light in a variety of ways depending on the local inworld lighting,

they are also gloriously Customiseable!

See full details here –

-Birth- 'Glimmer' Custom Eyes System Advert

Also the full range of items for Glimmer Eyes –


Tp on down to Birth!


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