-Birth- ‘Booty Canvas’@Kinky, HW60L$ CyberBoots, 35% Off Hugo

@ Kinky (Starts 28th)


‘Booty Canvas’ BOM Tattoos and RLV Controller

Not only a delicious selection of normal booty applied tattoos, but also has

partner control/ RLV. Combine words and icons (or your chosen partner) for such

raunchy backside statements as –

“Horny Babygirl”, “Wanton Lover”, “Kinky Submissive”, “Orgasm Lover” and more!

Over 100 word combinations.

An Icon and a word per bum cheek.

Give partner control to automatically apply/ remove the tattoos on one’s perky glutes.

18 different icons (9 per left/ 9 right cheek)

20 raunchy words (10 per left/ 10 right cheek)


‘Cyber’ Boot Effects – just 60L$ this weekend.

Attach these bad boys to any footwear and start shining light around everywhere you walk.

It also comes with thrusting smoke and sound effects whenever you jump, fly, or float

to really accentuate your anti-gravity talents.

Custom –


Turn On/Off – sound, lights, thrusting smoke.

Light radius.

Light Intensity.

[Item is mod, you can adjust each light/ paticle emitter to match your shoe/ heel etc.]

Preview –

Tp on down to Birth!



Chiselled and slash-browed Hugo 35% off this weekend.

BOM and Appliers.

– 4 Eyebrow Colours.

– Browless Option.

– 6 Beards in Tintable White

– Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Hairbase Colours.

– Tintable White Hairbase.

– ‘Off’ Buttons for Hairbase and Beards.

– Shape included (head in advert is Catwa’s ‘Daniel’, works for them all but the shape was made for that.) [Demo is no mod, full version is modify]

– 6 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).

Tp on down to Birth!


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