-Birth- We <3 RP, Two Valenetines Freebies!, 60L$ Spinning Crown Sale

@ We ❤ RP


‘Hocus Pocus’

As if Glimmer Eye’s were not magical enough, we have an effect pack dedicated to spells and magic. Disappearing wizards, health auras, ethereal fires and genie’s smoke.

This bundle is a real dooze for the fantasy crowd or anyone who likes some magical whizz-bang!

Preview –

                ○●○○●○○     LINDEN SHOP N HOP VALENTINE’S SALE    ●○○●○○●

@ Valentine’s Shop N Hop (StartsFriday, February 5, 2021 thru Wednesday, February 17, 2021.)


Not only are alot of Birth’s most popular products all on discount for 25% of their normal price (skins, eyes, kinky animaitons, fun n games), but there is also a Valentine’s FREEBIE on offer to anyone who is feeling the loving spirit.

“Heart Flurries”

A beautiful little particle emitter that shoots loving pink and red clouds and

varying hearts forth from your own heart.

Preview –

        Love For All Hunt

        February 7th to 28th

-Birth- ‘Lover’s Lock’ Partner Linking Heart Accessory and Particle Emitter

We have an absolute beauty of a free hunt item this year. An ornate heart shaped lock, situated over

your actual heart that sends loving particles to your partner of choice or to your own heart.

To partner, you and your loved one find the gift, click and choose your loved one and you

are linked by a fluffy of pretty heart based particles.

Preview –

“Its the season of Love and Flair for Events is excited to bring you a fun filled hunt that embraces all aspects of love!

The time has come to spread some positivity and share in the love for that feel good glow. Bring your lovers, your partners, your family and friends and take part in this much needed inclusive hunt. Discover new places to shop, grab some amazing freebies and most of all,

Share the love.”

For participant SLurls & hints, go here:


Happy Weekend 60L$

Fun awesome spinning and stationary crown.

Perfect for a royal fantasy avatar or just to be be amusing and regal as you wander about your virtual travels.

[Item is mod so you can attach and move it anywhere on your person].

Preview –

Tp on down to Birth!


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