-Birth- Winter Faire, Hop N Shop, Access Weekend Sale

@ Winter Faire (Starts 12th)

‘Sparkle’ Eye Effects for Glimmer Eyes

Nothing better than sparkles in your eyes, and this is the swiss army knife of them for your Glimmer eyes. Looking especially good for this month’s festivities but they work
wonders all your round to give you that unmissable glint in your eye.

Preview –

Access Happy Weekend 60L$ Sale


5 effects for a mere 60L$! –

Snow Storm – swirling tower of snow and wind, cloud above, slowly appearing snow at feet..
Snow Breath
Snow Dancer Palm Streams
Snow Dancer Arm Wind Wwirls
Snow Dancer Twinkle Particles

You can even demo these beauties for one of the cheapest most unique effects to be found on the grid.

Tp on down to Birth!

@ Holiday Shop and Hop

Everything is 25% discount on all items at this wonderfully festive Linden event. Every store has a huge plot so lots of products on display. Also free gifts, including Birth’s. You can also get Birth’s ‘Snow Breath’ particle breather for free –

“It’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter, and what’s
more wintery than when it’s cold enough to see your own breath.

Two breathing particle attachments, one breathing out of the mouth, the other from each nostril. Scripted to give randomly varying opacities of breath.”

Preview –

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