-Birth – Cupcake Freebie, ‘Lusty’ Thoughts @ WCF


It’s freebie time at the start of the month at Birth, this one is for the awesome ‘Faboulously Free of SL Group’ –

‘Baked Goods’ Cupcake Freebie.

Break all your virtual calorie goals this year with this virtual
cupcake, this one you can have your cake and eat it.

Resizeable for moderation or cakes bigger than your face!

Tp on down to Birth!

@ WCF Porn Edition (Starts 1st September)

‘Lusty Thoughts’ Customiseable Animated Thought Bubble

This little cloud can broadcast all your most sexy, kinky, depraved, whimsical,
musings to the world. And wildly customisable with it, animated particles, gifs and more –

Features –

Preview –

  • Store and easily changed up to 75 phrases.
  • Dynamically choses best size to display text as.
  • 15 erotic gifs, change speed.
  • 15 equally sexy pictures.
  • 8 styles of font.
  • Tint text, bubbles and puff particles.
  • Randomly change colour, text, particles.
  • Sexy quirky sounds
  • Customiseable settings – Turn on/ off – Random Pictures, Random Colours
    Particles, Random Phrases
  • Have permanently on or customise length of time bubble is on/ off.
  • Item is modifiable so you an easily resize your thougth bubble, or
    move your bubbles around
  • Minimise huds by clicking Birth’s logo

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