*BIrth* Emi Catwa Applier – GG “Seed Of Inspiration” Exclusive Makeup


Birth @ The Gacha Gardens (Nov 1st)
Another round at this awesome Gacha event, which starts on the 1st.
We have one of our new skins coming with beautiful exclusive makeups in three different tones:
The rares and the ‘Seed of Inspiration’ would make wonderful. makeups for halloween.
Tp here:
The Gacha Garden is special event that rewards players for playing. Creators at our event produce their normal gacha sets plus one very special item. This special item is known as a “Seed of Inspiration” and unlike other gachas its cannot be won by chance. A player cannot get lucky and get the item on the first or second pull like a rare. Instead it is awarded to a player only after they have done 20 pulls on a single machine. At the end of each round the Seeds of Inspiration are retired.

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